Calling Out the Warrior Within: finding your warrior voice through writing

Presented by Kate McDonald

(*bring a notebook and a pen*)

It is the heart that knows inside lies a woman sleeping
I hear the word whisper through my dreams
Awake, awake, awake
For years (and years)
Until one day I hear it
Feel it tug me
From a dark slumber
To find you (a stranger)
Asking me
“Who are you?”

What does it mean to be a Warrior? Let us gather together and call upon the Spirits of the Grandmothers and the Ancestors who hold our stories and our histories. Let us invite them to join us in the Circle, these Warrior Women who have held us, walked next to us on this Earthwalk, waited for us to awake.

Let us share our voices in the Circle and on the page, gather our lost pieces of self, make the choice to step forward into our power…

“Who are you?”

I am a Warrior…


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