Christine Hammond


Christine is the High Priestess of the Grandmother Moon Circle in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ongoing since the Summer of 2006, it was during one of the full moon gatherings that she had a vision of a larger outdoor event. It was also Christine’s wish to honour and celebrate her four year commitment with the other women that led and attended the gatherings. Joining forces with Kirsten Brooks, whom Christine met through ceremony, has led to the creation of the Manitoba Goddess Festival.

In addition to being trained in Movement Education (Brock University) and as a Biology teacher (Carleton/Ottawa University), she has apprenticed in the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbalism.


One Response to Christine Hammond

  1. Carolin Vesely says:

    Hi Christine:
    Beth Martens told me about this upcoming event and passed on your name.
    I’d love to write something in the Free Press about this — closer to the event, of course.
    Feel free to get in touch with me at this e-mail address and we can plan some coverage.

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