Healer’s Tent & Goddess Spa

The Aurora Borealis Healer’s Tent and Goddess Spa is an oasis at the heart of the Goddess Festival.

Angel Therapy & Reiki
with Aggnes Jonsin

Berns & Black Salon & Spa

Jin Shin Do®Bodymind Acupressure®
with Carson Hill

Lymph Drainage Therapy
with Saskia Friesen

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
with Jessabella Wyn

Psychic Health Analysis & Metaphysical Healing
with Chris Kehler


One Response to Healer’s Tent & Goddess Spa

  1. Aria Squire says:

    Excited to hear of this festival and it is another example of the creative power and spirit alive in Winnipeg, congratulations!
    I am curious as to what you require from a vendor or healer.
    I have beautiful woven tapestries made by women in Kashmir, wonderful funky jewelery and other items for sale.
    I also do crystal healing and have done psychic energy healing and counseling for years.
    My poetry collection includes poems of sacred sexuality.
    Please respond if you feel any of this fits with your festival.

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