Q & A

“Goddess religion is not based on belief, in history, in archaeology, in any Great Goddess past or present. Our spirituality is based on experience, on a direct relationship with the cycles of birth, growth, death and regeneration in nature and in human lives. We see the complex interwoven web of life as sacred, which is to say, real and important, worth protecting, worth taking a stand for. At a time when every major ecosystem on the planet is under assault, calling nature sacred is a radical act because it threatens the overriding value of profit that allows us to despoil the basic life support systems of the earth. And at a time when women still live with the daily threat of violence and the realities of inequality and abuse, it is an equally radical act to envision deity as female and assert the sacred nature of female (and male) sexuality and bodies.” (Starhawk “Religion From Nature Not Archaeology,” Atlantic Monthly 2001)

  1. What is a Goddess Festival and what do you do there?
  2. When did the Manitoba Goddess Festival start and who is behind it?
  3. What do you hope to achieve at the Manitoba Goddess Festival?
  4. What is Goddess Spirituality?
  5. Are you radical femi-Nazis hellbent on destroying men and believe that the Goddess will come down to earth one day and save you all from a horrible fate while you all wear tinfoil hats and drink kool-aid?
  6. Why Don’t you honour First Nations/Aboriginal/Native Goddesses at your Festival?
  7. Who is Freyja?
  8. Are Men Welcome at a Goddess Festival?
  9. ** UPDATED: IMPORTANT – What else should I know?

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  1. Cori says:

    Do you have day passess available??

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