Jessica Mosher

Jessica Mosher is a Yoga Alliance-approved Yoga Teacher. She is nearing the end of her Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practicum. Along with her studies and practice in Winnipeg, Yoga has taken her from British Columbia to California and to Vermont; from studios and cities to festivals and forests.

Yoga’s essence is Unity. Each moment is an invitation to be one with the present. Jessica is grateful for the transformative journey both Yoga and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) have provided.

She offers Yoga classes and PRYT sessions as a way to explore the now and connect with our unique wholeness, as well as to each other. Her love of play, appreciation of introspection and loving presence create a safe space to practice.


One Response to Jessica Mosher

  1. Debra Mosher says:

    I am here to say I had a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session with Jessica and it was subtley moving if not only relaxing. My day was brighter, my heart lighter.

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