Important Information (Updated!)

Tickets will only be available in advance, there will not be any available on site.  As this is our first year, tickets will be limited. As of May 13th, they can be purchased atCosmic ToolsRadianceOrganic Planet, and Hollow Reed Holistic. Tickets can also be ordered by contacting the Festival organizers directly at:

Admission for children 12 and under accompanied by a parent is free.


Camping is FREE onsite, but if you would prefer St. Ambroise Provincial Park is a fifteen minute drive from the Festival with paid camping, a lake and a beach!

This event is taking place on private property, and as such there will be no fires or electricity at the campsites so make sure you bring a good flashlight and a propane stove for cooking.  Please be respectful, there will be no fires on the campgrounds due to dry conditions.

Please note that the campground areas are designated quiet zones. If you wish to stay up late and be noisier, we ask that you stick to the main festival area.

Just a friendly reminder, this is an outdoor festival with camping only. As such, please bring appropriate clothing/gear, insect repellent, sunscreen and camping equipment. We will be selling ice by the bag for those of you who require it.

In addition to regular camping equipment, please make sure you bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on, as well as your own cups, bowls and utensils.

We have plenty of potable water, but please bring containers to take water back to your campsite.

There will be clean port-a-potties onsite with wash stations, but we do not have showers.

As we want to be respectful of the Earth, carpooling is encouraged. If you require a ride, we have a site set up on Facebook where you can connect with other festival goers.

As this is a spiritual festival, as well as on private land, we are asking that all participants respect our “no footprint” and “no alcohol or illicit substances” policies. Please leave your campsite in better condition than you found it, out of respect to our generous hostess Claire Stephensen.


Free coffee and tea will be offered throughout the weekend to all festival goers.

Please note that if you need extra money for purchases, you will want to know that we will not have an ATM onsite.

Food vendors will be limited. The nearest grocery stores and ATM’s are in Woodlands [approximately 11 miles from site], and in Warren [approximately 17 miles from site]. If you do not have easy access to a car, please ensure that you bring what you require for the weekend.


We will be having a large communal potluck after the ceremony on Friday night, so bring something lovely to share with others.

We are offering a Free Exchange Zone this year for anyone interested in participating. If you have trinkets, bits, bobs or skills to barter with others, this is the place to do it! For more information, please e-mail Katrina Caudle at

Bring one beautiful thing to give away to another loving soul. This exchange will be taking place during our closing ceremony.

We are highly encouraging participants to bring musical instruments of any and all kinds, costumes, art projects and any shiny and beautiful bits and bobs that you would like to bring to contribute to the atmosphere.

We will be putting in place a large communal loom for participants to share in. Bring a favourite colour of yarn, strip of cloth or other beautiful piece to weave into our tapestry.

The colours for this year are Freyja colours, so reds, oranges and golds are encouraged.

Bring a pen and paper to write your prayers to put into our large Burning Freyja on Saturday night.

The element for this year is Fire — so Spinners we’re talking to you now –  bring your toys!!!

Want to purchase a ticket? Have questions? Concerns? Queries? In Winnipeg, you can purchase tickets at Radiance, Hollow Reed Holistic, and Cosmic Tools. For tickets outside of Winnipeg, or for any other questions, feel free to e-mail us at:

If you have any special requirements such as a disability, please feel free to contact us at:, and we will do our best to accomodate you.

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One Response to Important Information (Updated!)

  1. Berkana says:

    This would be a wonderful event to attend and particpate in, however, I cannot afford the entry fee or the purchasing of camping equipment. Hope everyone has fun, learn alot and share even more….

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