Giving Gifts to the Ancestors: A Ritual of Healing and Transformation
by Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon

Queen of the North: a cross cultural correlative of Goddess worship amongst the Teutonic and Celtic peoples of Northern Europe
by Brock Adams

Drum Sex Workshop
by Trev Sie Crossland

Art is the New Religion: shapeshifting in the Information Age
by Michael Dudeck

Herbs, Libido and Fertility, Oh my!
by Christine Hammond

Opening The Honey Pot: Exploring the link between food and sexuality
by Shandra Hees

Acupressure for Lovers
by Carson Hill

Martial Dance Fusion: Training to be a Warrior of Light
Firing up the Cauldron

by Jolie Lesperance

Calling Out the Warrior Within: finding your warrior voice through writing
by Kate McDonald

Creative Hands, Healing Hands: Restoring the flow to body and soul
by Claire Stephensen

Playing with Fire: Firedance Workshop
by WildFire Dance


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