Shandra Hees

Shandra Hees Presenter, Opening The Honey Pot: Exploring the link between food and sexuality and Assistant Director and Volunteer Co-ordinator

Shandra has always had a deep interest in explorations of the natural healing power of the plant world and feminine spirituality. With over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry, a passion has developed in how food can be brought back down from the corporate setting into something far more intimate, personal, healthy and loving. A strong aesthetic eye has recently lead her towards pursuing a career in photography, with a goal of helping people heal through learning to see the true beauty in themselves and others. Since Shandra was a small girl you could find her on the beach or in the forest with pockets full of rocks and shells. Many people out grow this fascination, but Shandra is still known as a adult to carry loads of rocks and crystals in her pockets and to squeal in delight at the sight of bright green moss. Her trip to Europe and the UK three summers ago with Kirsten Brooks was where things really began cooking. Attending the Glastonbury Goddess Conference and experiencing the deep power of standing stone circles and other sacred sites helped to shift her perception and to form an even deeper connection with earth based medicine and healing. One of Shandra’s natural gifts his her continual work with the world of joy medicine.


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