Are Men Welcome at a Goddess Festival?

At the Manitoba Goddess Festival, yes Men are more than welcome, and in fact, encouraged to be here. We feel that if you are balanced and secure enough in yourself as a Man to come to a Goddess Festival with an open heart to participate in visions of the Sacred Feminine then you obviously belong here with us. Some Goddess Festivals do not allow Men for various reasons, which include the need to create safe spaces for female participants, or as the realm of Goddess Spirituality as a Sisterhood, as a strictly Woman‘s Space. We absolutely respect other Goddess Festivals that work in this way for those choices, and for their commitment to their necessary values. The Manitoba Goddess Festival has optioned to angle our Festival towards a vision that encourages strengthening of the relationships between men and women as well as blurring the boundaries of gender and sexuality. We do not see the Male/God aspect in our Goddess work as secondary or subordinate but rather as a balanced half with strengths and wisdom that are equal to the Female/Goddess aspect. We choose not to participate in mythologies of domination of any kind, shape or size and the way we are choosing to do this is by holding an open space for everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality.


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