Beckie Grobb

Beckie GrobbAurora Borealis Healer’s Tent and Spa Organizer

Beckie Grobb is a seeker, a Capricorn, and a Lightworker.  She has worked as a registered dietitian, but now chooses to spend her days playing with babies at Villa Rosa.  She’s been highly intrigued by the ability of the body to heal itself.  She practices Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, working closely with the angelic realm.  She recently spent 6 months in Africa volunteering in Lesotho with her love, Tyler.  She plays the djembe and bodhran drums, and often sings harmonies for her enchanting sister, Sheena Grobb.  Last but not least, she is a mom to 2 cats, Cobe and Mabel.


One Response to Beckie Grobb

  1. jessica says:

    Hey Beckie you are multitalented can’t wait for the festival.

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