Music Without Boundaries: Beth Martens (a.k.a Vijaya)

Beth MartensBorn to sing, join many voices together and explore the depths of consciousness, her life is all about it. Raised in Winnipeg, Canada, singer/songwriter, yoga teacher, Beth Martens, grew up on a diet of international musical influences and then tripped on India in the last year of her undergrad year in anthropology. Nearly to the day she began a daily meditation practice, Beth took up guitar and began to write, perform and record her own world music. Her taste for cross-culture, art and mysticism combined led her to become a kirtan singing yogi, “taking to the streets” with ancient Sanskrit mantras.

Eight trips to India in her 20’s filled her basket with a wealth of creative material and training, and following a three year battle with cancer, in 2002 Beth took up music and teaching yoga full time, realizing that in order to live on earth she must not only sing and study, but get the world around her to enjoy these birthrights as well.

“These threads keeps me going, challenge me to make every situation meaningful, and find something to appreciate under all circumstances,” says Beth, no matter how devastating or difficult.

Among her accomplishments highlights in the music world are recording three original CDs, winning second place in Winnipeg radio, Q-94 FM’s songwriting contest for her original music to “Om Poornam”; opening for nearly 2,000 people at Winnipeg’s Centennial Concert Hall for speakers Deepak Chopra and peace activist/widow, Jehan Sadat; and doing the “mantra” of independently conducting regular yoga classes, which include her live music.

For more information, please visit Beth’s website.


“You can tell a gifted artist from how they perform in a live stage ~ Beth’s sound and intent come straight from the heart and open the listener to new ways of perception and being. I recommend her music to anyone who wants to smile ….from the inside.”
Wade Imre Morissette ~ author, musician, yoga teacher

“Beth speaks to both the creative and reflective sides of our being, and in doing so, taps into an essential aspect of the human condition.  The audience drawn towards her knows neither age, religion, colour nor creed,” says Dan Donahue

“When I hear Beth sing, I feel like the Divine Mother is in the room, calling out to me with her kind and soothing voice, bringing me back into alignment. Such a wonder-full sound, it invites the warrior to lay down his arms on the forest floor, and breathe in unison with the sacred order”.
Jeff Brown, Author of Soulshaping- A Journey of Self-Creation


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