Jolie Lesperance

Presenter, “Firing Up The Cauldron” andMartial Dance Fusion: Training to be a Warrior of Light

Jolie has walked with the Goddess all her life. She discovered early on in life that to best honor the Divine Feminine within, she need to dance, perform and create.
She has earned a BA in Dance and Theatre from the University of Winnipeg and has been teaching for over 13 years. She has explored a myriad of movement styles; from ballroom and latin dances to ballet, modern, african, indian, middle eastern and tribal bellydance. She found contact improvisation through the Senior Professional Program at the School of Contemporary Dancers and discovered how a movement form could elevate and enlighten the spirit and teach you to live in the moment. Then she discovered Capoeria and learnt of the challenge and reward of training martial arts. Next came the ancient structures of Praying Mantis kung fu and qi gong, which served to bring even more strength, discipline and alignment to all that had gone before. She blessed to be able to share her unique set of skills with the adventureous souls at the first-ever Manitoba Goddess Festival.


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