WildFire Dance

Wildfire DanceWildFire Dance Productions

Wildfire is a tribal dance and drum performance group based in Winnipeg, MB. Noted for their raw energy and incendiary shows, Wildfire has emerged as one of the premiere fire performance acts in the area. Featured in The Winnipeg Folk Festival Campground performances the last 3 years, the group has also performed at The Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Brandon Folk Festival, Canada Day celebrations at the Forks, Western Canada Summer Games in Edmonton and many private functions including weddings, full moon parties and pow wows. A leader in the art form as well as setting an example in fire safety by adhering to the North American Fire Arts Association (NAFAA) safety regulations, WildFire also provides fire safety workshops for the fire performance community. WildFire’s style is as diverse as its members, with this year’s performances based in a cross cultural exploration of dance styles and the ritual use of fire.

WildFire DanceTania Gautier

Tania is a fire performer and community builder who has worked to solidify the fire community in Winnipeg. A member of the performance troupe WildFire, she is also the co-founder of Vimy Poi Night, a drop-in program that serves to unite established fire dancers in Winnipeg, as well as teach all those who want to learn. She has been spinning fire herself for 9 years and has the energy and patience needed to pass along the art form to others. Tania brings her graceful style to WildFire through the use of poi and staff but her favourite tool is the long flowing ropes of wick, called Snakes, which lend an ethereal quality to her performance.

WildFire DanceStacy Klassen

Stacy is a witchy punk performance artist with a flair for the dramatic. Casting her spell, she dances an ancient ritual of magic meditation through movement.  As a founding member of WildFire as well as Felines of Fire, a fire-burlesque troupe, she is drawn to the intensity and beauty of the flame. Her sultry and flirtatious style is influenced by her passion for discovering new dance styles and fusing them with fire. Through her love of collaborating and building partnerships, Stacy has had the honour of bringing  firedance to rituals, festivals, weddings, parties, burlesque shows, tv series, and to you. She has been a participating member of both new moon groups and full moon circles and is feeling blessed to be a part of the First Annual Manitoba Goddess Festival. Stacy is an environmental warrior and an earth momma, raising 2 awesome kids organically.


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