Angel Therapy & Reiki

About Aggnes Jonsin

A lifetime seeker of truth, working with Love, Light and the Angels, Aggnes is a deeply caring being who is gratefully embracing and sharing the gift of healing on her journey towards love, peace and understanding.

Aggnes’  practice is at Natural Essentials 478 River Ave, Winnipeg.

Angel Therapy
Trained by Doreen Virtue,  Aggnes invites you to experience the loving energy of the angels as she helps connect you to their guidance in all aspects of your life. A session often includes a gift of healing from these radiant beings.

Private Sessions – 1/2hr $40; 1 hr $80

Lightarian Reiki Master,  Karuna® Reiki and Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher

Reiki is an ancient, deep healing, soul nurturing, Divine Light based relaxation therapy.

Private Sessions $65 @ 1 1/2hr


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