Bohemian Fire Fusion & Avani Soul

Bohemian Fire FusionAvani Soul

Avani Soul (translated: Earth Soul) is a local performing artist’s collective based in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada). To truly grow as artists through collaboration, we believe an open circle is key. All individuals regardless of troupe affiliation, age, race, shape, size and performance background are welcome to join the collective at no cost. The individual collective members applying for this performance as well their credentials are listed in the tables below.

  • The purpose of the Avani Soul collective is to enhance a sense of community among alternative performing artists, and to promote individual agency and creative freedom. This is done by:
  • Providing a means for artists to locate other local artists online at the Avani Soul website & network in a non-hierarchal space.
  • Encouraging collaboration between artists who use differing artistic mediums (dance, song, theatre, music, etc.)

Providing a space where individuals can decide for themselves when, where, how and to what intensity they will invest their creative energy, without approval of a troupe/group leader.

Bohemian Fire FusionBohemian Fire Fusion (BFF)

Amber van den Broek of BFF is a free agent performer, who has worked with various troupes and collectives throughout the Winnipeg area including the Fire Pyxies, Avani Soul, and Gravity Still Works.  This will be her third year within the performing fire circuit.  Amber comes to this art form with a 14 year background of tap and jazz dancing, 4 years of belly dance experience, a love for the creative and costuming, and a desire to let audiences be awestruck and inspired for the duration of her shows.   Her love and admiration for poi spinning, fire hoop, and fire dancing began 7 years ago when she was introduced to the Fire Pyxies.  The collaboration with Avani Soul has allowed a vision of combining tribal, earthy dances with the element of fire in a safe, experienced, and beautiful style to come true.

The Show

Avani Soul and BFF offer a spectacular visual fire and belly dance visual art performance where elements of old world traditions are fused with modern flare.  We offer the combination of trained, experienced, and entertaining belly & fire dancers with the driving rhythm of earthy music. The element of fire will draw in the crowd, with our belly dancers quickly casting our audience into a dream-like daze.  The heartbeat of the performance, the music, will deliver an interactive ebb and flow of auditory mood changes, reflecting each artist’s shift and pull, capturing the essence of every movement.

The performance with utilize and highlight the many talents the group possesses including fire acts with swords, fans, hoops, poi, staff, and hand torches infused with more traditional belly dance props such as zills and Isis wings.

Bohemian Fire FusionGiving Back

As part of our performances we as a collective try to honour the planet Earth in as many ways as possible.  We use a mixture of Kerosene, White Gas, and vegetable oil. Combining a 50/50 mixture of gasoline and oil allows for less toxic fumes to be emitted, a longer burn time, and reduces our carbon footprint.  We also choose to plant a tree for every fire performance we do.  We do this as a means of further offsetting toxins released during performances.


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